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To bring innovation and creative freedom in the field of web development by building high quality, usable, useful, affordable and reliable products, to help users create private websites without any prior experience and avoid the trouble of going into the details of design and hosting, saving time and money.

Azguer is the result of hundreds of hours spent finding pain points with existing solutions. It is an electronic platform that is a package of codes using the latest technology available. No matter what type of work you have, Azguer is really the best alternative to any other product in the market.

Why build Azguer, aren't there a lot of website packages available on WordPress, Shopify, Joomla, and others?

A good question, of course there are many platforms, yet the user finds several difficulties in obtaining a website that meets his needs and according to the type of his work. If we take into account all the details, we find that, for example, the WordPress site is a content management system only, and the user must choose a suitable template from the templates Available on WordPress, some of which are paid and free, and it also requires him to have some experience or take training on design, content management, and dealing with available plugins. It costs the user a lot of time and monthly payments, and by analogy with the rest of the other platforms,

To solve all these difficulties, Azguer saves you a lot, as it offers a very simple and effective content management system that does not require prior experience, as well as a website designed specifically for the nature of your work that includes hosting to make you comfortable, and a lot of updates to have the best possible experience.



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