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Each offer has its own control panel and different settings commensurate with the nature of the specialization



Responsive Design

The design ensures that your content looks good on any type of device screen

Translation & RTL

The service currently supports translation into three languages, English, Arabic and French, as well as switching from right to left smoothly without affecting the design of the site.

SEO and Speed Optimization

The service contains technology that makes your site fast for search engine optimization, which helps your site appear in the first results


An advanced control interface for the nature of the work, which enables you to access and prepare your data with ease

Frequently Asked Questions

You will find answers to the most frequently asked questions, and if you have any other questions or inquiries, contact us.

Azguer is a new innovative service in the web field that enables you to get a unique experience, and it is designed for user convenience and time saving for building a website and managing data

Click on Get a free trial at the top or Sign in at the top right. Create an Azguer account if you do not have it. After logging into your account, fill out an information form only.

After your site settings are completed and ready for use, you will receive a notification about that, and through your account on Azguer, you will find all the necessary information to enter the control panel, including the login link, username and password.

Azguer service is specially designed for those who do not have experience in the field of the web and websites and to gain experience and expertise, so that you can change the content easily and without any complication and you will find all the necessary explanations, including the answer to your question by our team around the clock, this may seem difficult in At first glance it is easier than you might expect.


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