A complete website for a restaurant that contains the necessary pages for information and products, including a control panel that enables you to change the content with ease.


The site is characterized by translation into three languages, English, Arabic, and French, currently, in an automatic way. You can write the article in any language, and it will translate it into the available languages.
In addition to a graph representing the price collected from the products during the previous thirty days, as well as a table for adding, deleting, and amending orders, it contains all the necessary information and can be downloaded to an external file.


Home page

Contact page

About us, page

Privacy policy page

Terms and conditions page

Cookies policy page

Products page

Product single page

Dashboard page

Page of add product

Page of view products

Page of delivery informations

Page of update social media link

Page of, update logo

Login page

Page of, update image and title principale

Page of, update contact information

Cart page

Checkout page

Confirmation page

Update information page

Page of, update images

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